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Perhaps I can tie these two great themes together: that of not giving/holding back and that of raw power and energy. I cannot know how you’ve manifested so far and what free choices you’ve made in this incarnation, but I offer you this. Don’t hold back. Your love flows through your power. Be brave to be ruthless with the power of your healing love. So great is its power that to censor yourself causes a damaging internal feedback of your chi and nervous energy, checks the vitality of your great life flow, and deprives the world of your healing love. I believe that you need to risk embracing the shadow of your great energy, and risk encountering the feared monster within. I do not mean “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war,” but rather that this great energy within you is a truth, and that you must get to know all of its faces so that you’re in full consciousness of who you are. Only then you can safely let the monster, and with it your full power, out to play.

Aside from my own positive experiences at meeting and integrating my own power monster (a Nazi sadist commandant), I believe this to be benefic for you and the world as well because of the wonderful trine in the fifth from the Moon-Neptune conjunction discussed on page 100. Meeting your shadow is also symbolized for you by the close (1°) Pluto-north node conjunction in the third. Pluto is your shadow (see pages 198-199), and the north node of the Moon is your way up the mountain (page 258), the path of greatest personal resistance, but of great virtue in terms of personal evolution. So meeting and integrating your shadow is an important path for you in this life. In Canto XXI of Dante’s inferno, Dante and Virgil must take another bridge across the very dark and pitch-filled fifth chasm, because, so they are told by the leader of the local demons, the closest bridge fell in an earthquake 1,266 years, one day, and five hours before their present point in time. This is an allusion to, and the consequence of, Christ’s descent into Hell on the day he was crucified. Each of must bring our light into our own, personal Hell above which we are crucified. And having made and returned from our hero’s journey, we own our own demons, recognize them as ourselves, and never have to fear or run from them again.

I’ll conclude with a few loose ends. Though a “minor” aspect, your Sun-Jupiter quincunx is strongly amplified by its closeness and its singularity: it’s the only aspect your Sun has; so your will and sense of purpose (Sun) are integrated (aspects) into your entire psyche through this aspect. Sun-Jupiter afflictions usually indicate inflations or false exaggerations of the ego or pride. You can discover the truth of this by relying on the counsel of someone whose judgment you trust. You yourself, however, may need to learn better judgment in the use of your resources, very important to Capricorn. And since this lesson is coming from Jupiter in the fourth house, those resources have to do with land or something related to your family or the past. You may also have a the-grass-is-always-greener-over-there attitude. If so, you’ll have a hard time being satisfied unless you learn to find value in that which is at hand. Also be aware of overeating or drinking too much, particularly rich food or too many carbohydrates; Jupiter rules the liver, and such a diet can lead to liver problems for you.

The Sun is the Lord or ruler of the fourth house of emotions, family and the past. The ruler of the fourth in the ninth symbolizes that further study, particularly in a spiritual or religious (and/or travel or in-laws) will contribute to your emotional and domestic security and peace of mind. That the ruler of the fourth (Sun) is quincunx to a tenant of the fourth (Jupiter) symbolizes that your emotional evolution may encounter personal resistance from you due to false pride and an erroneous (Jupiter) self-image. It may be that you feel that you already have the keys that unlock the mystery of who you are, and that further such knowledge is unnecessary. This aspect suggests that this is not true, and that if you haven’t already done so, you may have to humble yourself in relationship to a teacher or a teaching who/that will help you unlock the doors to your emotions and your past.

Your feeling nature is again emphasized by your having no planets or ascendant in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces). Water symbolizes many things: emotion, feeling, empathy, relatedness, maternity, nurturance, compassion, vulnerability, change, the unconscious, the soul, the past, the sea, and the non-rational, subjective and personal realms. With no planets in the water element you may have trouble understanding or penetrating the deeper meanings of things. Your emotions may not be easily engaged, and your intuitive skills not readily available. You may have difficulty forming close relationships, and may feel smothered or threatened by the strong emotional demands of others. Some people with no water in their chart even feel unlovable. In your case, Carla, with your highly sensitized Moon conjunct Neptune, Mars trine Moon, and Jupiter in the fourth house, I think it’s an issue of having to endure more of a transpersonal incarnation, one in which you may have to sacrifice some of the pleasures and rewards of interpersonal intimacy.

Famous people with no planets or their ascendant in water are/were Muhammad Ali, Ann-Margaret, Lance Armstrong, Barbara Bach, Joan Baez, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Lucrezia Borgia, Georges Braque, Bennett Cerf, Graham Chapman, Chevy Chase, Maurice Chevalier, Connie Chung, Bill Clinton, Gary Cooper, Ted Danson, Angela Davis, Catherine Deneuve, Alan Dershowitz, Rene Descartes, Neil Diamond, Marlene Dietrich, Faye Dunaway, Dwight D. Eisenhower, T. S. Eliot, Henry Ford, George Foreman, Elliott Gould, Rutger Hauer, Steven Hawking, Haydn, Heidegger, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Paul Hogan, Herbert Hoover, Mick Jagger, Andy Kaufman, Carole King, Jessica Lange, H. P. Lovecraft, Edouard Manet, Slobodan Milosevic, Al Pacino, Valerie Perrine, The Rock, Pete Rose, Jerry Springer, Jim Thorpe, Loudon Wainwright, Lech Walesa and William Butler Yeats.

In closing, I want to affirm that there’s no solution to a human life. It cannot be summed up in words or solved like a puzzle, nor can astrology or any astrologer surround you. We can’t be fixed. We can only gain wisdom about who we are, and learn to inhabit our psyche with more awareness, acceptance, integrity, and humour. My 90-year-old mother keeps telling me, “You think I’m through growing? There’s no end to it.”

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