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You have a Bowl Planetary Pattern, Rachel. A Bowl is a Planetary Pattern in which all ten planets are within approximately 180°, or about half of the zodiacal circle. The two planets at the lips or rim of the Bowl may or may not be opposed; if they are, their opposition is known as the “rim opposition.” The more exact this rim opposition, the stronger the Bowl pattern’s influence in your character. You do not have the rim opposition, Rachel, but your unopposed rim planets are the Moon and Jupiter. There is also no reinforcing T-square in the Bowl. This in no way implies that there is something not strong or lacking in your character; rather, it’s that your particular Bowl pattern is not extremely definitive of your character or compelling in its nature. But it is present, so here is its interpretation.

A Bowl individual is usually very self-contained, frequently with a mission, cause or advocacy in life, which manifests either as dedication to an ideal, or more onerously as a cross to bear. You often base your sense of self-worth upon a significant contribution you’ve made to life that others have valued and acknowledged; if you haven’t already done this, it is probably a necessary and important step for you. You function best in crisis situations, where you have “an ability to hold steadfast under strain.” Be aware, however, that your reliable steadfastness doesn’t turn into intractability. You’re also a whole-hogger, putting your heart and soul into the enterprises you take on.

Bowl individuals seek balance and harmony with their environment, perhaps to compensate for the polarity between the occupied and unoccupied halves of their charts. The occupied half of your chart symbolizes what you have to give to the world, and the unoccupied portion what you, consciously or unconsciously, feel you lack. In your case the occupied lower hemisphere symbolizes a feeling of richness in self, that which you can touch and is near at hand: your neighborhood, roots and family. The unoccupied upper hemisphere symbolizes that which you feel you lack: professional competence and a secure public image.  The word “feel” was emphasized on purpose. Much of our chart has to do with how we perceive the world, our parents, and significant others, not necessarily how and what they actually are.

Celebrities with the bowl pattern are/were Paul Anka, Desi Arnaz, Arthur Ashe, Candice Bergen, Daniel Berrigan, Julie Christie, Bill Clinton, Franco Corelli, Jane Curtin, Donovan, Patty Duke, Steve Forbes, Joe Greene, Phil Hartman, Goldie Hawn, Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Lee Jones, Caroline Kennedy, Billie Jean King, Stephen King, Penny Marshall, Steve Martin, Bette Midler, Joe Namath, Olivia Newton-John, Carlos Santana, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kenneth Starr, Oliver Stone, Barbara Streisand, Pete Townshend, Margaret Trudeau, Donald Trump, Henry Winkler and Peter Ustinov.

Imagine your planets rotating around your chart in a clockwise direction (which in fact they do, due to the daily rotation of the earth). The planet at the clockwise end of the Bowl group, the Moon, is the most highly emphasized planet in the Bowl Pattern and is known as the “cutting planet.” The name comes from the fact that as the Earth rotates, the cutting planet seems to “cut” into the ascendant rather than being drawn passively through it as is the other rim planet, Jupiter. Your cutting planet the Moon in the third in Gemini is a double whammy of intellect and mind where the feelings reside. You are versatile and shrewd, and find security in being able to adapt to any set of circumstances. You’re jittery, restless, and fragmented by ever changing feelings, which manifests as nervous tension. You waste your energy in chattering (unless Saturn or Scorpio are strong), and in generally scattering your energy: you spread yourself too thin. You have a longing for knowledge, but can be too superficial and not look beneath the surface of things. You need to be more honest. Your tie with relatives and family can be very strong; so don’t stay too long in the family nest. You like thinking, writing, researching, and science. Teaching would be a good use of you natural talents.

You tend to daydream, and your mind is full of feelings. You can have trouble concentrating (although this is compensated for by Mercury in the fixed sign Scorpio), and learn by absorbing what other people say. You have a knack for putting the feelings of a group into words, and may serve as a teacher or spokesperson. Communication is one area where you can always get support and backing from friends and co-workers. You’re probably attracted to history or historical ideas, and routine annoys you.

Jupiter conjunct the south node of the Moon in the seventh indicates that not only are you aided in your relationships, but that you have a talent for picking expansive, helpful, philosophical souls: you’ve done this before in other lifetimes! Your partners are good and generous people and often bring material abundance with them. Optimistic, cooperative and helpful, you frequently have multiple marriages (or the same may be true of your mate). Because of the strong Neptune-Jupiter semisquare, however, you need to be careful of your judgment with intimate, one-to-one partners; rather than see who the person really is, you tend to substitute their soul: who they ideally are, whether or not they manifest that this time around on Earth. That holds the both of you back from growing, for the other person just has to go through their own hard knocks and wake-up calls to truly mature—and it keeps you in a co-dependent bind where you don’t love and serve yourself first.

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